Daily Mom is a women focused magazine that strives to remove the fluff (celebrity gossip, chats, scandalous headlines) and to create a place where a woman could come for advice.

Since 2012, we have been publishing useful information that makes women's lives easier and richer. We are not surprised that this approach has made us a favorite with a more affluent set of readers who are interested in healthy living and informative articles rather than pure entertainment without substance.

All our articles are detail oriented and feature beautiful photography. The way Daily Mom is designed, all articles are constantly recycled on the sidebar, giving continuous exposure to the brands we work with. That means that an article will continue to get exposure for months and years after its initial publishing date.

Daily Mom is staffed with a team of professional photographers ensuring that your brand and product/service are represented in the best light possible with beautiful well-lit quality photographs.

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New visits: 75%

Age: 38% of readers are 35-54

30% of readers are 25-34

95% are female

Successful multi-generational families with kids and their grandparents

Our Traffic Statistics

WEB: 1.1-1.9 million views a month

SOCIAL: 1.3 million reach a month

Reader Income

55% readers earn 150K+

75% readers earn 75K +




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"All I can say is WOW. The images and copy are perfect. Represents BODY-ALINE extremely well. 

Quite frankly, it's not often we turn over any form of marketing to someone, stay "hands off" and see an output quite like yours. Whoever put that together is highly skilled. I can't be any more impressed. "

Jason Bowman, BODY-ALINE Inventor


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This can be an informative post education readers on a specific topic and recommending the product, an emotive personal story weaving the products in organically, or a spotlight on the brand and the product. These promotions generate the most short-term and long-term traffic. Some articles continue generating traffic years after being published.

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These promotions generate the most short-term and long-term traffic. Some articles continue generating major traffic years after being published.

Gift Guides

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Your product included into a relevant round up or gift guide on our website.

*Price may vary depending on gift guide season

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The video review will be featured on Daily Mom in a dedicated article and on social channels to bring more views and additional interest to your promotion. It's a great way to get a dedicated post and a video in one

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